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Cover Letter

$ 45
Cover Letters are an important and often overlooked part of the application process. In our experience, clients who apply with a well written and targeted cover letter perform better than those who use generic cover letters or emit one altogether.

Selection Criteria

$ 15
Selection Criterias are generally utilised when applying for government positions. These responses are often written ineffectively by uninformed candidates and can provide big advantages to candidates who present a well written response.
Pricing per question


$ 150
With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, it pays to have a resume that stands out amongst the crowd. Good candidates are often overlooked due to grammatical errors, lacklustre information and format inconsistencies.

Resignation Letter

$ 20
Resignation letters are mostly for record keeping purposes, there is no need to write large bodies of text or extensive explanations. Let us write your resignation letter today.

LinkedIn Profile

$ 70
LinkedIn in the largest social network specifically for business and candidates. Let us help you generate a profile that stands out amongst the crowd.